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The Process of Change

May 2022

Over the last several years I have benefited from the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispensa, Dawson Church, Bruce Lipton, Michael Singer, and other wise souls as I have worked on creating change in my life. To change my status quo, I’ve learned I need to step out of my habitual patterns.  By thinking the same thoughts, experiencing the same feelings, which in turn support my same beliefs, I maintain my same behaviors. So where do I start this change?

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What is Success?

March 2022

When it comes to success, many today can struggle with who they are and who they want to be. Ultimately each of us must create our own definition of success. In the 21st Century individuals are redefining what success means to them. The rules have changed.  If true happiness comes from within, then looking within becomes the focus of contentment.

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Ideas for Valentine's day

February 2022

February, the month of love is commemorated on Valentine’s Day.  For some it is a day of cards, chocolates, and flowers.  Even if you are not into the commercial aspects of Valentine’s Day, it is a day to stop and appreciate those dear to us.  But how do we let our loved ones know they are special?

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I'm Retired, Now What?

January 2022

We spend decades working, waiting for this prize called retirement.  But when retirement finally arrives, now what?  Generally, we envision retirement as a time for ourselves, to do the things we want.  But retirement can also create stress, as change can be scary. Things don’t magically change just because we retire.  Just as in our employment years, it is important to have goals and make plans for what we want to happen during this new phase of life.

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New Year's Resolution

December 2021

To many of us the New Year brings optimism. The end of December is a great time to reflect and plan for the coming year. A new year’s resolution is that hope and goal for change made concrete. Unfortunately, for many of us our best laid plans fizzle out after a few months. This is where coaching comes in. With a coach you are directed to focus on what is truly important for you.

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Path of Life

November 2021

Some of you may recognize the Celtic Symbol I have used as part of my logo.  It is called the “Path of Life.”  In the symbol there is a vertical infinity symbol connected to identical scrolls on its right and left side. For some the Celtic Symbol represents strength and knowledge. The knot reminds us how we are all connected. For others the Celtic Symbol has been interpreted to reflect the infinite number of memories we can create, both in the highs and lows of our life.

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Staying in the flow

October 2021

Many years ago I remember hearing a story about the river.  Imagine sitting in an inner-tube floating down a river. The river is peaceful, meandering in a gentle flow. Up ahead you hear the sound of rushing water. Coming around the bend you see rapids and immediately fear overtakes you. 

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"The quality of our lives is directly proportionate to the quality of the questions we ask. We create as we speak."
- Niurka