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Insight Blog: New Year's Resolution

December 2021

To many of us the New Year brings optimism.  The end of December is a great time to reflect and plan for the coming year.  A new year’s resolution is that hope and goal for change made concrete.  Whether it is to lose weight, get healthy, go to the gym, improve relationships, meditate regularly; whatever our goal, it is met with optimism that things can be better next year.  

Unfortunately, for many of us our best laid plans fizzle out after a few months.  According to the following article on Discover Happy Habits website, only about 46% of people who make a resolution are still successful after 6 months and that drops to around 9% after one year.  Reasons for failure include unrealistic goals, failure to track progress, forgetting the goal and setting too many goals.

This is where coaching comes in.  With a coach you are directed to focus on what is truly important for you.  Through questioning and feedback, you get to the core of what it is you really want to accomplish.  As you progress through your weekly or monthly sessions your coach will keep you accountable.  You will discuss your progress and perceived roadblocks to achieving your goal.  This keeps your goal in the forefront of your daily activities so you can create new routines in your life.  Finally, rather than taking on more than is possible, you have a step-by-step process of achieving your goal.  These small steps allow you to travel the path to success.

This year if you’re thinking of making some changes in your life, gear up for success by hiring a life coach.  I am here to help you become the person you envision.  It is never too late to transform your life.  Give me a call at 970-481-0245 for a better 2022.

Author: David Johnson