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About Insight Coaching

Hi, I’m David Johnson and welcome to Insight Coaching, LLC.  

I got into coaching because I like to help people achieve their hopes and dreams.  For 35 years I have seen and heard a lot of personal challenges working as an attorney in the criminal system.  Many times clients know what they wanted, but didn't know how to get there. I’ve always believed each person has within them great knowledge, it's just a matter of accessing this information.  I went into coaching to help others find their path to their dreams.  

There are many factors that are important in a coach.  A coach needs to be a great listener.  He needs to have wisdom and understanding.  A coach should be balanced in mind, body and spirit.  Finally, a coach should be working on his stuff, attempting to improve just like he is asking of his clients.  I do my best to achieve each of these standards.

If you are ready to examine your path of life, give me a call. I help my clients find direction.

What To Expect From Your Sessions

•  I will respect your privacy.
•  I will listen with understanding and concern.
•  I will assist you in finding your answers.
•  You are in charge of the process.
•  I'll coach myself out of a job.

Often my clients include those making a transition in life.  

This includes starting a new job or facing retirement.  Maybe you’re an empty nester looking for direction.  Or your marital status has changed and you feel lost at this moment.  Maybe you are trying to find joy and happiness and are not sure where to look.  Or possibly there is a void in your life that you want to explore.

Whatever it is you are searching for in life, I am here to help you find your path of life.

certification / Training

Certified Core Essentials Graduate | Insight Coaching LLC

Client Testimonials

I have known David Johnson for many years and we have spent a great deal of time together practicing yoga, mentoring youth at Rotary youth leadership camps, camping, kayaking, fossil hunting, and discussing every aspect of the human journey.  David does everything well and his pure heartfelt intentions are something we can all aspire to.  

Recently, he asked me if I would be one of his first clients in his quest to become a life coach (in actuality he has been a life coach for many years serving as a criminal defense lawyer).  I agreed and it was my honor to help him out with his latest goodwill endeavor. I assumed we knew each other so well it would not reveal much but at least it would be good practice for him.

I was mistaken.  Thirty years ago I founded and have since been president of a non-profit organization called IDEA WILD.  The organization has been extremely successful and we have been able to navigate hundreds of obstacles to maintain that success.  However, within two coaching sessions with David, we had revealed several issues that had always weighed heavy on me and been obstacles to future expansion.  They quickly became apparent to him, he guided me to the heart of them, and together we charted solutions.  These solutions made a space for change, initiated major shifts in mindset, and greatly reduced my stress.  

I am 100% sure, time spent with David, will manifest exponential returns in the life you are aspiring to. There is no time like the present to schedule your first session!
- Wally Van Sickle

Prior to the coaching sessions I had with David I was well aware of the many positive traits that make him an outstanding person to interact with. He carries these traits into his coaching style. First and foremost, he is a great listener who understands how to follow up with effective questions. He was able to help me understand and focus on key ideas which produced immediate results in jump-starting my career.

In addition, his empathetic and positive nature is motivating, and he is supportive, respectful, and encouraging. However, he is adept at holding one accountable to moving forward with their plans and goals without being “pushy.” The bottom line:  if you’re looking for a coach that will treat you like an adult yet will still challenge you (in a very professional manner), David is ideal!
- Terry Schuman