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Just because your path is different DOESN’T MEAN YOU MUST BE LOST

Whatever it is you are searching for in life, I am here to help you find your path.

Together we can build a road map to achieve your deepest desires!

In the coaching process we begin with your vision, which is often driven by your values.  We use this vision to begin establishing the hopes and dreams you have imagined for yourself.  These are the goals that you want to achieve.  Coaching is about creating. 

Realizing there is not just one path that can direct you to your goal, we explore the pathways that are available to you.  Some may be obvious others may require thinking outside the box.  Together we explore these options as you move forward. 

As you begin navigating your established path, we monitor your progress.  Roadblocks or detours occur naturally in life.  To stay the course there is the need to be open and allow the possibility to replan.

All the time remembering the saying, “life is a journey . . . not a destination.”

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Habitual Patterns

Here is an easy interactive graph that outlines a strategy for you to change an unhealthy habitual pattern.  We start with your thoughts, which affect your feelings.  Now in this new emotional state you can change your beliefs, which then allows you to act in a different way.
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Habitual Patters: "Thoughts" stepHabitual Patters: "Beliefs" stepHabitual Patters: "Feelings" stepHabitual Patters: "Behaviors" step
There is this concept that our minds tend to believe what we think. For example, in the placebo effect experiment, if we believe this pill is going to heal us, it works even though the pill is made from sugar.  To change our habitual patterns, we need to stop the negative thought patterns and focus on those thoughts that lead us to our goal.
When we set goals for ourselves, success comes a lot easier if we visualize, as specific as possible, what it is we want. This allows our body to experience the feeling of meeting our goals.  And the stronger the feelings, the easier it is to make our goals happen.
Once our thoughts morph into feelings we start creating belief’s.  It is our beliefs that determine how we see the world.  We become aware of and tend to focus on the things in our environment that support our beliefs.
With our new beliefs firmly in place, we are now ready to act.  This action is our personal behaviors and how we chose to react when different stimuli occur in our life.  Our habitual patterns can only change once we have incorporated our new beliefs into new behaviors. 
Owner of Insight Coaching LLC, David Johnson

About Insight Coaching

If you are ready to examine your path in life, give me a call. I will help you find your direction.

Hi, I’m David Johnson and welcome to Insight Coaching, LLC.  I got into coaching because I like to help people achieve their hopes and dreams.  For 35 years I have seen and heard a lot of personal challenges working as an attorney in the criminal system.  Many times clients know what they wanted, but didn't know how to get there. I’ve always believed each person has within them great knowledge, it's just a matter of accessing this information.

Thank you for visiting Insight Coaching, LLC.  By offering convenient virtual coaching sessions, geographical locations are no longer a limitation.  I will meet you virtually at your location, where you feel most comfortable.

I offer clients support who risk seeing things from a new perspective.  Change can be challenging.  Fear often steps in and creates doubt.  Though you may realize things aren’t working, often it appears easier to maintain the status quo.  When you are ready to step out of your habitual patterns and explore your options, I am here to help at a pace that works for you.

Get to Know ME
Hand drawn artwork by

what do you see?

We each see from the perspective we have learned in life.

Looking at the art it is easy to assume this is a drawing of random lines and figures.  Some may see it as a mess, others may see it as potential.  Some see the face of a cat.  Others see bird faces and even completed birds.  There is not a correct answer, all can be right. 

As a coach it is my job is to help you see what is right for you.  To help you make your vision come alive.
Drawing by Diane Bauerle

What My Clients Say

"Prior to the coaching sessions I had with David I was well aware of the many positive traits that make him an outstanding person to interact with. He carries these traits into his coaching style. First and foremost, he is a great listener who understands how to follow up with effective questions. He was able to help me understand and focus on key ideas which produced immediate results in jump-starting my career.

In addition, his empathetic and positive nature is motivating, and he is supportive, respectful, and encouraging. However, he is adept at holding one accountable to moving forward with their plans and goals without being “pushy.” The bottom line:  if you’re looking for a coach that will treat you like an adult yet will still challenge you (in a very professional manner), David is ideal!"
- Terry Schuman
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