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what Is Life Coaching?

  • Coaching is an avenue to personalized development that supports you in defining and achieving your goals.

  • When working with a coach, you have the support of an objective, trained professional. A coach helps you define your goals, identify options and incorporate actions needed to get your desired results.

Why invest in a coach?

  • An investment in a coach is an investment in yourself.  And the goal is up to you!

  • A coach can help you achieve goals important to you and do it faster than on your own.

  • Often we get stuck when in transition, questioning our next step. A coach will help you find direction and be a motivator.

How Does Coaching Work?

  • Coaching is typically a series of confidential conversations aimed at helping you attain results. Without direction and action, this is just a conversation.

  • You are in the driver’s seat for every step of the process. You determine the topics of focus and the actions needed to get you where you want to be.

Learn and Adjust

After you take action, reflect on how it went with your coach. Discuss what you learned, consider adjustments to your plan, and/or set a new goal.

Take Action

Between coaching sessions, take action by applying the options based on your plan. Make incremental progress toward achieving your goal.

Set Goals

Decide your focus for coaching. Create meaningful goals to inspire, energize and challenge you to achieve what you really want. We do this with conversation and/or diagnostic tools and assessments.

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Identify Options

Brainstorm and analyze options to achieve your goals. Build a plan that helps you take immediate action.