Insight Coaching Services

Insight Coaching LLC focuses on individual life coaching for anyone who is going through a transition in life or simply wants help focusing their goals, finding their direction, or shaping their future. All sessions are available virtually or in limited situations, in person. Your initial consultation is FREE and takes approximately 15 minutes.

To be most productive, it usually takes more than one coaching session to achieve the results you seek.  Results are based on the investment you make.  Coaching is offered on an as-needed basis, you decide what works for you.

Pay As You Go

You may need a life coach one week but not the next. This option lets you pay as you go.

1 Session
Virtual Meeting
*Free Consultation

$175 / hour

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Package of 4

Prepay for 4 sessions and save 5%. Sessions can be used anytime in 2 months.

4 Sessions
Virtual Meeting
*Free Consultation


Monthly Sessions

Prepay for the month to secure 2 sessions. Scheduling is flexible.

2 Sessions
Virtual Meeting
*Free Consultation


Looking for a customized service plan? Please reach out to discuss your specific needs and we will find something that works for you.

Session Steps

  1. See how you are doing.  Review achievements made since last session.  Discuss challenges that developed.
  2. Establish the topic for this session.  What do you want to accomplish during the session?
  3. Check in to see where you are on your path vs. where you want to be.
  4. Clarify and make adjustments.  Keep the goal in focus.
  5. Provide encouragement and support as you move from the session to implementing your desires.