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Insight Blog: I'm Retired, Now What?

January 2022

We spend decades working, waiting for this prize called retirement.  But when retirement finally arrives, now what?  Generally, we envision retirement as a time for ourselves, to do the things we want.  But retirement can also create stress, as change can be scary.  Retirement can force us to establish new routines and relationships.  Retirement creates new dynamics with our spouse.  Hobbies that we enjoyed on the weekend, now for better or worse, become available full-time.  Retired we now have the time to volunteer at our favorite charity.  Taking extend trips is now an option.  Without realizing it, almost overnight we can become as busy as we were when working full-time.

Things don’t magically change just because we retire.  Just as in our employment years, it is important to have goals and make plans for what we want to happen during this new phase of life.  If we don’t set goals, our prior habits have a way of taking over.  The next thing we know our calendar is full doing things we may not really want to be doing.  By making mindful choices retirement can be that dream we desire.


Retirement offers us a time to reflect and decide what is important in our life.  Questions like, who am I; what do I value; what do I want, and what brings me happiness, are good questions to ask in retirement.  Retirement isn’t just for going on trips, it offers us time to journey within and learn more about ourselves.  

Working with a coach can help you find answers to these questions and others you experience in retirement.  Whether it is learning to adjust your relationship with your spouse, rediscovering what makes you happy, completing unfinished goals, or finding a new purpose for your life, a coach is here to help. 

As your coach my goal is to help you find the magic of your retirement years, making retirement the dream life you wanted when you stepped away from your career.  Give me a call at 970-481-0245.  Your new path of life is awaiting you.

Author: David Johnson