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Insight Blog: Staying in the flow

October 2021

Many years ago I remember hearing a story about the river.  Imagine sitting in an inner-tube floating down a river.  The river is peaceful, meandering in a gentle flow.  Up ahead you hear the sound of rushing water.  Coming around the bend you see rapids and immediately fear overtakes you.  The natural instinct is to grab ahold of the willow branches extending from the riverbank.  As you latch on you notice more and more force from the current pushing against the inner-tube and challenging your ability to hang on to the branches.  Finally, the current becomes so great that you lose your grip and are forced to pass through the rapids.  Yes, the rapids are scary.  But there is also an exhilaration as the water causes you to bounce between rocks increasing your speed.  It is this current that directs you through the obstacles, leading you to safe passage.  Then just as quickly as the challenge began, you are once again floating in the still currents of the river.  

I’ve always seen this story as a great example of life.  When we are on our path we want everything to be easy.  It’s assumed if I’m on the correct path, everything should go smoothly.  Maybe not.  Maybe our path will take us through some tough spots where learning and growth can occur.  But if we stay in the current, we know it will get us through the tough spots.  Then on reflection we can look back and realize this was an opportunity to grow and experience a new way of being.  And just as there is not a single rapid to transverse on the river, the same applies to our challenges in life.

Coaching is an excellent opportunity to learn how to trust our inner flow to deliver us through the challenges of life.  Though it at first may seem safe to grab ahold of something solid to try and prevent us from experiencing that scary event in life, this seldom works in the long run.   Coaching allows us to use our inner wisdom and knowledge to learn how to trust and let go, allowing life’s flow to take us to the next level of experience.  

When you are starring down that challenge that lies ahead, know a coach can help you find the inner wisdom to make it through your obstacles of life.  Give me a call, I’m here to help.

Author: David Johnson