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Insight Blog: Ideas for Valentine's Day

February 2022

February, the month of love is commemorated on Valentine’s Day.  For some it is a day of cards, chocolates, and flowers.  Even if you are not into the commercial aspects of Valentine’s Day, it is a day to stop and appreciate those dear to us.  But how do we let our loved ones know they are special?

For some, a gift is an important aspect of being appreciated.  On a commercial level, there are many possible purchases that can be made to show appreciation of our lover.  What I’ve found with my wife is she enjoys simple things from the heart, rather than elaborate bouquets of flowers.  Taking the time to hand write my feelings about her on a blank card means more than the traditional Hallmark card.  This is what warms her heart and makes her feel special.

There have been significant studies on the heart performed by the HeartMath Institute.  When we create coherence between our heart and brain, incredible things begin to happen.  We step out of stress mode.  Our bodies become synchronized, and the components begins working at their optimal capacity.  This heart-brain coherence occurs when we experience compassion, gratitude and/or love.  In the state of love our body releases dopamine for pleasure, vasopressin that helps creates the attraction for bonding and oxytocin that creates the bonding.  What a wonderful gift to share with our partner, as love radiates from our being, creating relationship.

This Valentine’s Day consider what you can do different to show your partner and loved ones your feelings for them.  Taking a few minutes of your time to do something unique and personal will likely go a long way in showing your love.  Allow your heart to glow with compassion as you express your love.  With an expanded magnetic field in your heart, your partner will feel and sense the effects of your loving intentions.

Wishing you the best during this month of Love.  David Johnson at Insight Coaching, LLC.

Author: David Johnson