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Insight Blog: Path of Life

November 2021

Some of you may recognize the Celtic Symbol I have used as part of my logo.  It is called the “Path of Life.”  In the symbol there is a vertical infinity symbol connected to identical scrolls on its right and left side.  For some the Celtic Symbol represents strength and knowledge.  The knot reminds us how we are all connected.  For others the Celtic Symbol has been interpreted to reflect the infinite number of memories we can create, both in the highs and lows of our life.  I chose the Path of Life Symbol for how it applies to my approach in coaching.

Often when we face a challenge in life, we want to know “the answer.”  We are afraid of making a mistake and want to make sure we get it right.  Getting it “right” we believe saves us time and spares us suffering from our “wrong choices.”  In this situation our focus is on “getting it right,” not the journey of figuring it out.  

What if, life is a journey?  Don’t we learn life’s lessons by traveling our paths of life?  The Celtic Symbol infers there are infinite paths to choose from in life.  It is often our indecision of what path to chose that creates issues for us; we want to make the “right” choice.  So often the biggest struggle is starting the journey.

At Insight Coaching, LLC, I am here to help you on your journey.  Through our sessions we will explore your possible paths.  We will work together as you discover what is right for you at this time.  The Celtic Symbol reminds us that there will be both high times as well as low times on your path.  I am here to help you celebrate your highs and support you in your lows.  By connecting to your support systems and trusting in your inner knowledge you will have the strength to move forward in your journey.  Ultimately, reflecting on your progress, we will discuss the knowledge you have learned while on this path.  Then when appropriate, adjustments will be made as you decide your next path of life to follow.

Author: David Johnson